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Education should craft well-rounded,
harmonious human beings

Irie Glajar was born in 1955 in Romania where he was raised and received his college education in mathematics and computer science. In 1981 he defected from the Communist regime of Romania and spent several months in a political refugee camp in Italy. In 1982 he received his Green Card in order to immigrate into the United States and since then has been teaching mathematics in Austin, Texas, which he finds very rewarding.




Over the years he has published several educational articles and has presented at many professional conferences in the United States and Canada. His main interest is the philosophy of general education and the improvement of human life. His extensive research and first hand experience in science, religion, and spirituality led to the writing of this book.


Beside family activities and writing, Irie Glajar finds great pleasure in music, traveling, gardening, and sports such as tennis and volleyball.



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